Vaastu Tips

A home is not just a house to live. It is  a reflection of our personality and an extension of our mental space. Vaastu plays a vital role in overall enhancing the peace, prosperity, luck and happiness of a home. Each part of our life, our moods, thoughts, behavior, personal and social life, recognition, professional success is deeply intertwined with our home. A lot of meticulous planning , designing,  and execution goes into building a home and decorating it. If the home is designed following Vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy and successful.

Vastu Shastra is a science of directions and is a study that acquires an entire command over the cognition of directions. In fact, there are actually eight directions namely, north,  northeast, east, southeast, southwest, south, northwest, and west. It is entirely an Indian science of architecture and space and how environments and spaces are created supporting the spiritual and physical prosperity and health. This had evolved in India during the Vedic times and the concepts of Vastu Shastra were transmitted to South East Asia, Tibet, and ultimately to Japan and China where the developmental base of Feng-shui originated.