Decoration Tips

Home Decoration Tips that take the interiors and exteriors of your home to the next level. Check out here home decor tips, ideas, designs for a beautiful home

Diwali Home Decoration

The most awaited festival of the Hindus, DIWALI, ¬†is just round the corner. Diwali is the time to decorate your home to give it a festive look. This is the festival of lights where in people worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh for peace, prosperity and happiness. It is said […]

Home Office Decor

Are you someone who works from home, at your own convenience, time and method ? Well, nowadays, work from home has become very popular for young men and women. But then to work from home, you need to have a proper office set up so that your productivity is not […]

Interior Wall Paneling

Wall panels or wall panelling is a wonderful way of giving a beautiful enhancement to the look and appearance of otherwise the dull looking walls. Wall panelling is being increasingly used in modern homes, including auditoriums, hotels, museums, shopping malls and other commercial areas. Interior wall panels give a whole […]

Living Room Paint

The living room is the room where you spend most of your time, it is the room where you entertain your friends, relatives and other guests¬† and the living room paint needs to be chosen very carefully. The living room paint color should be such that it not only enhances […]

Interiors with Stained Glasses

Have you ever tried using stained glass for your interior decor? Just see what difference you make to the look of your entire room with stained glass, be it window or door or divider. Stained glass has been in use for decoration purpose from a very long time. Infact, stained […]

Furniture Arrangement Tips

Furniture arrangement is an art. You can change the look of your entire room if you know how exactly you can place your furniture in proper places. Here are some furniture arrangement tips for your home decoration project: Have a focal point in the room and then arrange the furniture […]

Some Common Mistakes in Interior Design

Making interior design decisions in your home is not an easy task. There are many mistakes that many people make that can easily be avoided with a little planning and thought. What are the mistakes that people usually make in their home? Mistake No.1: Putting too much furniture or too […]