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Ceiling Medallion Design Ideas

Want your give your room an added touch that displays your style and personality, a style that mirrors your status? Then opt for a  high impact design on your ceiling. Do-up the ceiling of your living room, bedroom or guest room with decorative medallions and accents. You can transform any […]

Make Use of Tribal Metal Crafts on Walls

Handcrafted Tribal Metal Artifacts are wonderful ways to add an ethnic touch to your room, along with a modern appeal. These Tribal craft motifs have become very popular in modern home decor and they add individual touches of charm and character to an otherwise ordinary blank wall. Presenting below some […]

Amazing Styles of Planters

Planters are a wonderful way to add an attractive appeal to your homes, offices and other areas. Garden planters offer a beautiful look to complement a front patio or entrance to your home. Wooden and wrought iron planters have always been a popular choice. The different types of woods, the […]