Feng Shui Education Pagoda Tower For Education, Luck And Success

In Fengshui a Pagoda Tower of multiple tiers is a symbol of progressing and moving up  in life through good luck and success in education and career.

Feng Shui cures have been considered to be quite effective by many across the world. Each of the Feng Shui elements is believed to change lives drastically and in a positive manner. You may have already placed some of the most popular Feng Shui products at your home knowingly or unknowingly, perhaps to balance off the chi, the invisible flow of energy around you or as a part of your home décor. Most of these Feng Shui products are used to bring fortune, prosperity and happiness across the entire household. However, one very important Feng Shui that is meant for the well being of your child is the Feng Shui Education Tower.

Significance of Feng Shui Education Tower

Shaped like a pagoda, the Education Tower is thought to be a very useful Feng Shui product in bringing luck related to the field of education. The pagoda shape is considered to be quite special and effective for bringing heavenly blessings and mortal bliss in a person’s life, this pagoda shape thus being seen extensively across all religious structures associated with the Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese cultures. Following the same principles, in Feng Shui too, an Education Tower is helpful enough for drawing good luck into one’s life in the field of education and success as well. The towers may be of three, five, seven or nine tiers and these towers, in general, represents strength, stability and luck leading to a focused energy. The five tier Education Tower is used widely for Feng Shui cures to get optimum result, as each of these five tiers also represent the symbol of an element of nature.

Where to Place Pagoda Towers for Maximum Effectiveness?

  • The shape and tiers of the pagoda shaped Education Tower are quite significant as they represent various facets of life.
  • The Education Tower is also effective when it comes to the well-being of the family and works best if placed in the east of your home or office.
  • Placing an Education Tower in the northwest is good for your financial well-being
  • Placing it in the north proves effective for prospective career goals.
  • For a child’s growth and success in education, the  pagoda education tower should be placed in the northeast section of the study room or children’s room.

Where to Place Feng Shui Pagoda Tower for More Benefits for a Child?

  • If your child is not being able to secure good grades in the exams, placing an Education Tower on the study table of your child is going to do wonders and help him or her perform well in the field of academics.
  • You can place the Education Tower at the back of his chair if your child is lacking confidence and is being manipulated by his classmates.
  • Place an Education Tower in the northwest to attract good friends in your child’s life whereas if you place it in the southwest, all the people associated with him or her, including the teachers, are going to influence him or her in a positive manner.

Types of Education Pagoda

Brass Pagoda

Brass Pagoda

Metallic Pagoda

Metallic Pagoda



Try using the Feng Shui Education Tower at your home and witness the changes in your child’s life.

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