Decorative Bird Baths To Beautify Your Garden

If you are looking for some new element to add into your garden or outdoor area for making it more attractive and beautiful then you need to go for something that will make you feel closer to nature and at the same time will also enhance the splendor of your garden or outdoor area, which undeniably includes your terrace also. One such element perfect for your outdoor or garden decoration is a bird bath, which can transform the look of your garden wondrously by adding a natural element into it. In fact, with some bird baths you can fill your garden area with the lively chirpings of some of the most amazing creations thriving on Earth.

Bird Baths for Garden Decoration

Bird baths are artificial basins filled with water, which can be used by the birds for bathing and for drinking water as well. Bird baths are some of the most gorgeous outdoor garden decoration items and can be used aesthetically to adorn garden areas and turn them into an exotic wildlife zone.

Uses of Bird Baths

By incorporating some bird baths as a part of your garden décor you can attract different types of birds into your garden all round the year, mostly during the hot summer months and even when there is a scarcity of rain. A bird bath is a fresh and constant source of water for the birds and for this reason you can feel and enjoy the presence of the most beautiful companions of nature 365 days a year.

Materials and designs available for bird baths

You can buy your bird baths, which you can either order or purchase from stores or from even online ecommerce websites. You can go for the usual concrete bird baths made from molds or select from an exhaustive range of beautiful bird baths made of marble, glass, plastic, metals or mosaic tiles. In order to make your bird bath more attractive you can go for the bird baths that are attached with some extra adornments or features like a fountain or a natural landscape formed with boulders or stones. You can place your bird baths on columns or on stands across all those corners and parts of your garden or terrace where you can attract maximum number of birds.

This is a ceramic bowl used as a bird bath and it stands on a recycled table or chair leg.

ceramic bird bath

Here we have a tall stone cast garden bird bath

Tall stone cast garden bird bath

One easy way to make a colourdul bird bath is by using clay pots and a teracotta plate. Stack 3-4 clay pots of different sizes over each other. Glue them one after the other.  On the top most pot glue a terracotta saucer. Your bird bath is ready. You can use different colours or retain the original teracotta colour. This will look amazing in your home garden.

Teracotta and clay pot bird baths

Useful tips

 If you fill your bird baths with water up to a level of 2 inches it will be enough for the birds as they do not immerse their bodies completely in water but just soak their wings. If you want to go for bigger water basins or bird baths you can go for those that have perch islands. This type of bird baths will not only attract more number of birds but will also keep away other unwanted and predator animals from getting closer to birds.

Place your bird baths according to your convenience and make your garden or terrace look more stunning than before.

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