Top 10 Stairs Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Time to start preparing for Christmas. Just few days are left for one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Time to spruce up your home, decorate your house. Please don’t forget the staircase, specially if it is in indoors, just in your living room, taking you up to the main bedroom and other rooms. Add decorative accessories according to your style and colors. There are many options to choose from like as wreaths, stockings, Santa Claus masks, bows and balls, balloons, paper flowers, garlands, pine cones, different paper decorations and many more. A railing looks lovely when wrapped in garland and lights. Staircase decoration greets all who come through your entrance door. The decoration should be such that it provides that warm, family feeling to all your guests.

Check out some interesting ways to decorate the staircase this Christmas:

How about adding bright green layers of leaves with big red bows or balls and decorative socks? This is a traditional design which gives a burst of bright color and style.


Drape a green garland up the handrail of a staircase, and add red bows in between for a Christmas welcome in your living room.

Drape a green garland up the handrail of a staircase, and add gold bows in between for a Christmas welcome in your living room.

The long Red cloth is beautifully used to encircle the rails. The finishing is finely ended with a large bow with long streamers. Oh yes, there is simplicity and elegance here with an welcoming touch.

red ribbon decoration on rails-in-christmas

The green garland with red ribbon, red balls and white lights wrapped in the railing gives the entire staircase a grand appearance.


Red christmas socks, colourful balls, and the red ribbon with green shrubs give this staircase a wonderful look. Check it out.


Keep it simple and elegant like the one shown below. A beautiful combination of green wreaths with a golden bows hanged in the railing.

Green wreaths christmas railings

Go for white and green garland decor for a frosty Christmas look.

green and white christmas railing decor

Just Bows and Garland and it looks awesome. It is simple yet it displays a warm welcoming effect. Pretty ribbon and garland going up the stairs look awesome.

Pretty ribbon and garland going up the stairs

Stockings decoration. Another classic Christmas decoration for your stairs is stockings. You can hang colourful stockings in variety of patterns. Hang them, spacing them evenly along the length of the staircase. You can also keep small gifts in them.

stockings decor on railings

Last but not the least, light a staircase path by lining the stairs with candles in glass holders or lights. You can further decorate the rails with garlands. Looks great , isn’ it?


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