Diwali Decor with Ganesha in Indian homes

No Diwali is complete without worshiping Maa Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth, along with Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. No Diwali is complete without decoration and lights. Diwali is synonymous with Lord Ganesha. Let us check out here how you can decorate your homes with Ganesha. Be it the Ganesh statue, the Ganesha diyas, Ganesha lanterns, or the rongolis, in almost in all Indian homes, you will come with Diwali Decor, something or the other related to Lord Ganesh.

So, here is the Diwali decor gallery with Ganesha

Ganesha Rangoli

Rangoli is the best way to bring life to your homes during a festival, especially when it is Diwali. Make some Ganesh designs at the entrance, maybe with flowers or rangoli powders or you can get the ready-made Ganesh stickers. Not only at the entrance, you can also make a Ganesh Rangoli design inside any space in your living room or your bedroom.

Ganesh Rangoli at the entrance

Ganesh Statues for Decoration

You can also choose a nice secluded place in your living room for an exclusive look with a Ganesh statue, finely decorated with flowers and diyas. Maybe you can place it on the side table or on the console table. This looks beautiful, adding an warmth and spirituality to the entire room.

Ganesh statue in the living room

Ganesh Wall Decor

You can also opt for Ganesh Wall Decor. Decorate it with lights or flower garden, It highlights the barren look of your room.

Ganesh wall decal

Ganesh Metal Decor

You can also use metal Ganesh hangings either on the wall or at the entry way or you can simple hand one at the door.  It is said having a symbol of  Ganesh at the entrance is considered auspicious.

Ganesh metal hanging

Ganesh Lights and Lanterns

The latest craze in the market is the stylish Ganesh pattern lanterns, lamps, and lights. You can hang it any room. This looks awesome. Specially, in Diwali, this looks all the more apt for a bright, vibrant, festive look.

Ganesh lantern decor

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