Votive Candle Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Lights are the most important part of Diwali decor.  Diwali, the festival of lights, can’t get more excited when you decorate your home with pretty fairy lights and the smokey diyas. How about using votive candle holders this Diwali? You can make your own  candle decoration and it is fun.  Using your creativity and impeccable imagination give an altogether different appearance of your home with the perfect warmth and shine that will add the perfect festive touch to this Diwali.

Sharing some beautiful votive candle decoration ideas for Diwali:

At the entrance way: If you have a long entryway or corridor, and there is a console table, place some votive candles on it. This will lighten up the entry passage, giving a welcoming effect. You can also place on the stairs.

votive candles on the stairs

cluster of candles

In the living room: Make candle decorations at various areas of your living room. For instance, decorate the center table or the corners with votive holders.

votives in living room

Ganesha decoration with votive holders: Take out a space in your living room. Put a Ganesha statue there and decorate it with flowers and votive holders. Alternately, you can also use Ganesh shaped votive holders.


Create a votive candle centerpiece on the dining table: Your dining table can also be a center of attraction with decorative votive holders.

Create a votive candle centerpiece on the dining table

Votive candle wall sconces: Votive candle wall scones are another perfect ways to decor the barren wall of your bedroom or living room.




Votive Holders

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