Sprucing Up Your Living Room Furnishings Just Before Diwali

Picture this, you are just few weeks away from Diwali. Once you are done with the regular cleaning and sprucing up your home (Read Diwali Living Room Decoration Ideas: Easy Guide on Home Decoration) and most likely you do not have much time for a full-fledged painting or renovation. But, dont panic.  We have  below put together few easy DIY ideas to help you redo your living room just in time for this Diwali.

Put up a large, gorgeous ornate mirror in your living room. This gives the appearance of a formal environment and highlights the space, also creating an illusion of a bigger room.

ornate mirror in living room

mirror and traditional look in Diwali

Get a beautiful throw to change the outlook of the entire room, preferably bright and vibrant, embroidered, zari work, gold trimmings to give that ethnic look and feel.

Throws in Living Room

colourful throws

Cushions can be great enhancers too. Get the colourful ones, patchworked or sequined covers, that complement with the tone of your living room and can instantly enliven it.

Bright cushions decor

bright cushions home decor

Changing your carpet can also make a huge difference. You can also experiment with dhurries.

Beautiful rugs on the floor

And yes, the most important change that you can make in your living room in Diwali is to change the curtains. Get the gorgeous ones to enhance  the look of the room.


Last but not the least, place a Lord Ganesha  or a Buddha Statue at the corner space or any other space of your living room and enliven the space with diyas or votive candle holders.
living room decor with statues

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