Where can you keep the Laughing Buddha statues for home decoration?

Laughing Buddha Statues are kept at homes not just as decorative pieces. They carry special significance, there being diverse places in which Laughing Buddhas can be placed. These Buddha statues with smiling faces symbolize prosperity, happiness, longevity and health. These statues of Buddha are some of the most popular Feng Shui remedies that are believed to be bringing fortune and success along with health and happiness if kept at homes. From stone to porcelain and from metallic to terracotta, these laughing statues of Buddha, made from different types of materials, are available in different postures, each of which carries its own special significance. Here are a few interesting ideas about how and where you can keep the smiling Buddha statues at your home to bring fortune, wealth, profusion and long life into your home.

Main Entrance

It is suggested by most of the Feng Shui experts to place a Laughing Buddha Statue right across the main entryway of a home for optimum impact. This placement of the smiling statue of Buddha permits the flow of Chi (positive energy) into your home counterbalancing the entry of negative Chi. A table of 30 inches height is indispensable for placing the Buddha statue in this position. According to Feng Shui, by keeping a Laughing Buddha Statue in this position you can prevent the entry of negative energy into your home. 

laughing Buddha at the entrance

Living Room

The living room is also considered ideal for placing a laughing Buddha facing the doorway like that positioned opposite the main entrance. In other words, it should face your front entrance door. Placing this mean there is someone welcoming you home every evening after work, wishing you a pleasant day at work when you leave, welcoming your guests, bidding them a fond farewell and so on.  This placement allows the statue to let the positive Chi circulate into your room. 

laughing Buddha in the living Room

Kid’s Room

You can keep your laughing Buddha in the kid’s room on the top of the study table as it is also thought to be an appropriate location from where this statue would be blessing your children. A Buddha statue upon the study table blesses the students with success and good fortune in their studies and career goals. Even on the office table, a small laughing buddha statue is helpful.

laughing buddha on the study table

Dining Room

Buddha in the dining room, can be kept, maybe on the sideboard – “supervising” dinner, blessing the meal.

laughing buddha on the table

Prayer Room

If you are a follower of Buddhism then you can place a laughing image of Buddha in the prayer room of your home and practice meditation in full concentration. Your meditation room or your garden area where you can meditate alone, can also serve as an apt location for placing a meditating image of Buddha.

Laughing Buddha in the prayer room

Yoga Room

Your yoga room or any part of the house, where you can spend some of your time in practicing yoga or working out, can also be used as an ideal location for keeping a Buddha statue – the eye level position or a position above the eye level being the most fitting for this type of a room. A Buddha statue should never be placed on the floor as it is always advisable to treat it with respect.

laughing buddha in the yoga room

Some Absolute “No’s”

  • Do not place Buddha on the floor not in the bathroom or WC.
  • Not in the bedroom if you undress or have sex but of course a nice thing to see before sleeping & the first thing you see on waking up.
  • Do not have Buddha in a position with your feet facing towards him.
  • Having Buddha in the kitchen is also inadvisable as he might get splashed with water, flour, oil, salt pepper etc. Can be placed in the kitchen, maybe on the window sill, away from where any activity takes place.
  • Having Buddha on the dashboard of your car is fine – as long as he doesn’t obstruct your vision, blessing the driver & all the passengers.
  • Do not put Buddha in your trouser pocket where he might be near your genitals or backside.
  • In your inside jacket pocket close to your heart may be OK.
    Buddha in your handbag/purse should be OK – as long as it’s tidy.

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