Beautiful Floor Covering Options for your Interiors

To give a beautiful look to your room, flooring needs to be highlighted. Gone are those days when flooring meant a normal, plain cement floor. Nowadays there are several floor covering options with varied colors, materials, designs, patterns and styles to choose from. Presenting before you the most popular flooring options to choose from to give your room an attractive appearance.

Solid Hardwood Floors

This is a traditional style of flooring, which is still popular. Made of solid hardwood, typically 3/4-inch thick, wooden floors provide excellent insulation and adds substantial strength to your home’s structure. These floors come pre-finished and unfinished. You can give the finishes as per your choice. A genuine hardwood flooring will add significantly to the beauty, quality and value of your home and is indeed a smart investment that you can enjoy for a lifetime. The best part is that it never goes out of style even if you change your decor. Taken care of wooden flooring is alo easy. Just sweep regularly and mop occasionally. Once in 2-3 years, you can apply another coat of finishing. Wooden floors are strong, resilient.
Solid Hardwood Flooring

Laminated Flooring

Composed of three to five layers of wood glued together using cross-grain lamination, laminate floors are engineered wood flooring which is more resistant to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes and moisture. Thinner and more dimensionally stable, laminate floors are also more dent-resistant and ideal for high traffic areas. It can be installed over concrete subfloors, and above, below, or on-grade. Laminate flooring gives an upscale appearance with the characteristics of real wood and stone. Its easy care and scratch resistance, make it the first choice of professional flooring contractors. The basic advantage of laminate floors is that they provide the realistic look of wood, tile and stone at a lower cost. They are ideal to be used in bathroom and kitchen. Easy to install, laminate floors are easier to maintain than wood, tile or stone. Resistant to scratches, dents, wear through and moisture, all you need is to sweep regularly and mop occasionally. Use at time detergent and water to mop your laminate floors.

Laminated flooring

Tile Flooring

Tiles are still popular as a floor covering. Giving a natural look, they are durable and easy to care for. They work well in areas with high foot traffic. There are limitless design options in size, texture and color.By combining various geometric layout and numerous trim tiles, you can simply enhance the look of your house. There are ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles. They are the most versatile and environmentally sound building and decorating materials. These tiles retard the spread of fire and repel water due to low water absorption rates. Another advantage is that tiles can create the effect of lower temperatures in the summer through its natural properties and can actually retain interior heat with the advent of radiant heat systems from during the colder winter months. Easy maintenance is an intrinsic value in using tiles. No vacuuming, steam cleaning, stripping, refinishing, staining or gouges to repair. Just an occasional mop or sponge can remove any dirt or grime.

Tiles on the floor

Vinyl Floor Covering

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable resilient flooring solutions available. It is easy to install. Vinyl floors are versatile, highly durable and requires less maintenance. Vinyl flooring offers dramatic, authentic-looking visuals, like slate, limestone, hardwood, sisal and linen. They are available in various styles, colors and prices. They are wear-resistant. Plates and glasses are less likely to break when dropped on vinyl flooring. No waxing or buffing needed in vinyl flooring.

vinyl flooring


Last but not the least we have the carpet options. If you have a bad floor, then cover it with a beautiful carpet. Carpet brings luxury, fashion and comfort to mind. The color, materials and design style options are numerous. Carpet is more economical to maintain than most smooth flooring. Besides providing a more cushioned walking than other flooring materials, they also absorb sounds and provide a good environment in homes. Carpets provide energy conservation because of their insulative properties. They provide a warm indoor environment and provide comfort because of their shock-absorbing properties and anti-skid surface.

carpet floor covering

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