Fengshui Rooster Cures: Fengshui Rooster Significances

If you are seriously interested in knowing all about the Feng Shui cures for the welfare of your home, family and work, you will be amazed to know that there are different types of Feng Shui cures available for you, which concerns a wide number of birds and animals. One such is the rooster, which according to Feng Shui, protects you from all kinds of dirty office politics and makes your business and professional life a smooth and successful one. Fengshui rooster is very effective to protect your home, your office and your personal or family life, which includes your professional and love life.

Fengshui Rooster Cures and Significances

Wu Gong Sha

Since centuries the Chinese people have been emphasizing on the significance of different types of elements found abundantly in nature and using these symbols extensively for various sorts of Feng Shui cures. People having faith on these age-old Feng Shui cures use the symbol of rooster mostly for two reasons. We have electrical posts, drain pipes and television antennae in and around our home. The spiky shape of these things resembles that of a centipede. The chi or energy that comes out from these things that have the shape of a centipede is considered to be evil. This type of negative energy is known as Wu Gong Sha (Wu Gong=centipede, Sha=negative energy).


A Feng Shui rooster is used to achieve career goals, roosters being quite dominating in nature. A rooster declares the beginning of a new day with the first ray of sunlight appearing in the sky and thus signifies the casting away of darkness and evil spirits by the bright rays of the Sun.

Types and positions

As you know by now, the rooster also repulses all negativities from your life. So if you want to place a rooster in your office or at your home, put one – a figurine or an image, which is showing the rooster with an open mouth and ideally, having natural feathers over it.

Rooster with open mouth

Now, if any part of your home, such as your living room, your kids’ room or your kitchen is facing any Wu Gong Sha, you may suffer from indigestion due to the negative energy emanated from that direction. So, to protect yourself and your entire household from such uncomfortable situations, you have to just place a statuette of a rooster at your home facing towards the Wu Gong Sha.

To deflect any trouble that can cause problems in you married life you can place two brass or golden rooster statuettes on either corner of your other half’s wardrobe. The shoe rack is also perfect for this purpose.

Brass rooster figurines

Place a Feng Shui rooster in your office or at your home and enjoy the effective changes in your professional life.

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