Use Egyptian Grey Vastu Pyramids to Ward off Negativity

Vastu Dosha or any anomaly in the Vastu arrangement of your home can have negative effects not only in your own life but can also change the lives of the near and dear ones of your family. A single Vastu Dosha can create negativity and affect your life in a number of ways, not just in one single way. Vastu Pyramids in this regard can transform your life drastically since Pyramid cures are considered to be quite effective in warding off negativities from your life. Instead of using the widely sold plastic pyramids at your home for warding off negativities from your home and your life, place the Egyptian Grey Pyramids to balance of the negative forces present around you at your home.

Significance in Vastu

The pyramid structure is considered to be sanctified and that is why it is used to gather positivity at a place. The size of a pyramid does matter as bigger pyramids are stronger and more effective than the smaller ones. In fact, Vastu remedies involve the significance of material, size and shape.

Egyptian pyramid

Types and uses

The Egyptian Grey Pyramids made of crystal, metal, wood are more effective than the plastic ones.  But prior to any placement of these Vastu Remedial Pyramids you must find out the doshas or defects in the Vastu arrangement of your home. These Egyptian Pyramids come as sets of 9, 81 or 91 and are available in different sizes from a 1 inch Egyptian Grey Pyramid to a 5 inches one.

Different types of Egyptian Pyramids

Vastu remedies for home

  • Following the various rules of Vastu cure, you can place an Egyptian Grey Pyramid across the different areas of your home and that can be a corridor, a wall or any door. For instances
  • If you place a small square-based crystal Egyptian Grey Pyramid atop your monitor, the number of troubles that you face with your computer will be lessened. Moreover, the harmful radiations emitted by your computer monitor will also be reduced.
  • If your toilet is located in the northeastern section of your home or your office, you can place multiple sets of 9 Egyptian Grey Pyramid and remove this Vastu Dosha. The same Vastu remedy is applicable for the Vastu defect that involves the location of a toilet at the northern or eastern part of a home or office.
  • A Cosmo-telluric Sensor is the best instrument used worldwide by the Vastu consultants for finding out the Vastu Doshas of a place.
  • Every house’s Vastu defects can be corrected or  negativity can be nullified using Vastu Egyptian pyramids. These pyramids  have their own powers and are organically charged. They keep the negative energies at bay from a place by absorbing all and neutralize the place.

Crystal Egyptian Pyramid

Place your set of Egyptian Grey Pyramid at your home and experience the positive effects created by it across your entire household.

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