Home Accents with Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are one of the most simplest ways to accent your room, be it when kept on the sofa or the couch or the bed or simply on the carpet in the living room. Placing throw pillows spruce up the furniture’s design. These decorative pillows not only help to add a touch of style to any chair, or bed but also help to enhance the look of any room. They are an easy way to update the décor of a room in a flash.

How to accent the room with throw pillows?

In the living room

When choosing a colour for your throw pillows, keep in mind the colour of other pieces kept in the room.  The colour chosen should complement with the colour of the room and the furniture. Usually decorative throw pillows for couch are should not be same as the colour of the couch. The options are wide and varied. So also the shapes and sizes. You can choose a single colour fabric in a similar tone sofa or play with fantasies. End result should be harmonious.

living-room-pillow-scheme Living Room Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows In the bedroom

Here also, the thumb rule is perfect colour coordination. You can keep a cluster of pillows of various sizes on the bed


Throw pillows on bed

Throw pillows On the floor

You can also place attractive throw pillows on the carpet of the living room floor to give a warm, comforting look.

Throw Pillows on FLoor

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