Wall Decor Ideas: Modern Wall Art for Your Room Decor

Modern wall decor is not limited to only hanging pictures or wall hangings. Nowadays modern wall decor includes the use of simple forms in decorating a wall and calling it art.  Hence, the name, Modern wall Art. The wall itself is a beautiful architectural piece. Hence the the various shapes of walls or openings in the wall can provide with ample scope of decorating the interior design of any space.  A wall  can be designed creatively to form a  great form of decor with great effect. Instead of using any accessories, the wall itself can be designed as a modern art with the use of openings for storing accessories. A little artistic talent and creative ideas can make your walls look beautiful without too much of expenses.

Wall Decor Ideas: Wonderful Ways to Beautify the Walls

 Unique photo frame wall art

A unique photos frame wall art design showcases some treasured photos. The design of the frame as well as your pictures become a focal point in the room decor.

Photo frame wall art

Greeting Card Wall decor

We all have good collection of greeting cards. Some of these are with beautiful designs that we cannot throw them away. Why not use them as wall art ? Make sure the cards look good together. Simply take different sized cards and fasten them onto a foam board. Or you can take single cards fixed in each foam pieces and mount to your wall. In the same manner beautiful pictures from magazines can also be framed. All you have to do is to buy a wide frame and hang a few coordinating magazine cutouts side by side or arranged on your wall. This is a wonderful way to decorate your walls at almost no cost.

wall decor with greetings card

Fabric Wall Art

What do you do with with left over fabrics at your home, may be a an used curtain or a saree or a table cloth which are in good shape but you are tired of using it for the same purpose. This requires minimal artistic effort but provides maximum effect. Try framing a fabric either lying around your house or at the clearance section of material stores. As long as the colors and design are beautiful, framing it will instantly turn it into art.



Plants Wall Decor

This is indeed a good idea. What about using your wall as a plant stand ? Well mount a plant stand and fill the pockets with plants or seeds. The stand is designed in such a way that after watering the plants, water trickles down to a bottom reservoir, which is removable.

Hand-Drawn Wall Art Displays

Now this is a best option to vent out your artistic talent. Just release the creativity that you had it in you all these years on your wall and see what difference you make to your decor. You don’t have to use your hand painted frame. Rather , draw something on the wall itself and splash colours over it.


Wall Art Stickers

How about decorating the walls with wall art stickers? These are easily available in the market today.  In various shapes, sizes and designs, these wall art stickers add a great effect on the wall. You dont have to over do it. Just use few and scatter them all over the wall. You dont have to use anything else. The stickers highlight the wall.


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