5 Best Indoor Plants for your Home: Get Fresh Air and Beauty with Indoor Plants

Want to brighten your home and life? Well, get indoor plants for your home. Indoor plants can make your space more welcoming, beautiful to look at,  besides cleaning the air and even improving your mental health.  The only thing to keep in mind while keeping indoor plants at home is to make your plants feel comfortable in your home as they would be in their natural habitat.  Check out in this photo gallery some of best houseplants that you can keep in you home. Also find out how to take care of these plants:

Photo Gallery on Best Houseplants

Zebra Cactus

This is not a cactus in the real sense of the word. It has plump green leaves adorned with spiraling white ridges. This is a great indoor plant as it lives for many years.  Water the soil thoroughly only when the whole pot is truly dry.



Succulents as indoor plants can withstand a great deal of neglect and mismanagement.  Put them near a window to make sure they get enough sunlight. Other than that, succulents don’t need much attention.


Decorating the living room with succulents

Spider plant

This is considered to be an all-time favorite houseplant. It can  reproduce itself and hence you can have a good collection within a short time.  The spider plant is also a good air freshener. It can naturally detoxify your home.


Peace lily

The peace lily grows well out of direct sunlight and in a warm room. Peace Lily plants are proven to improve air quality. Keep the roots moist and mist the leaves frequently. Peace Lilies bloom in mid-winter. They are good indoor plants for winters.

peace lily

Jade Plant

Also called a “money tree”, this plant brings in good luck. It has a long life. Water your jade plant with the “drench and drain” method, allowing the soil to dry out before completely soaking the root system again. The best part about a jade is watching it grow huge and healthy under your care.


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