Staircase Design Ideas for Storage: Ways to Utilize the Space under Stairs

Shelves and storage spaces under staircase are the best simple tricks for an efficient space saving solution. In most homes, you come across stairs inside the home, leading to the attic or the store in the basement or to the main rooms in a duplex house. Considering the fact the more spacious your house is, the better it is to stay, such staircases may look very bulky and cause a huge hindrance to the inmates of the house. But, nowadays, the focus is more on utilisation of spaces in an effective way so that it does not affect the look of the house. In contemporary homes and fashionable interiors, architects and designers are ensuring that every inch of your interior staircase is used in the appropriate fashion.

Staircase Design Ideas for Storage: A photo gallery

Stairs Space for Study and Work



Stairs as drawers


Under-Stairs-Storage-Ideas ways-to-utilize-the-space-under-your-stairs

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