Kilim Printed Home Furnishings For Your Home Decoration

Kilim, a Turkish originated word, refers to pileless textile produced by flatweaving techniques. Kilim rugs and carpets are very popular since a long period of time. But in recent times, kilim prints and weaves are also seen in other home furnishing products like floor cushions, pillows, bed covers, cushion as so on, creating a mesmerising look of your home. Wool, cotton, silk, animal furs are used to produced the kilim weave and prints. Kilim Printed Home Furnishings work wonders for your home.

Let us check below how you can transform your ordinary look of your rooms to be vibrant and colourful using Kilim Printed Home Furnishings.

Kilim Prints for your Home

Kilim bedcovers:

A prized kilim bedcover or duvet can work as a wonderful  upholsterer for your bed in the master bedroom. It is thick and makes for durable and stiff upholstery fabric for your bed making it look very striking for the entire room.

Kilim Duvet Cover

Kilim Duvet Cover


Kilim Floor Cushions

Kilim Floor cushions create an inviting environment in even the most traditional of rooms.

Kilim Floor Cushions


Kilim Upholstered Sofa

Kilim upholstery onto a sofa or a chair looks marvellous. Whether you are looking for a single sofa chair or a complete sofa set with Kilim upholstery, there is no denying the fact that they are guaranteed to bring an entirely unique feel to your living room.

Kilim Upholstered Sofa


Kilim rugs

Kilim weave started originally with rugs and its beauty still remains intact. A kilim rug brings warmth and colour to a room.


Kilim pillows: You just need one bright kilim pillow on your bed, and you can give a whole new feel to your room.



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