Top 4 Sacred Spaces in Homes For Hobbies, Prayers, Music, Isolation and Peace

In our home sweet home, we always need a place to spend some quiet moments just for ourselves. No noise, no work, just a space for peace and tranquility. Leaving aside the worship room, every home should have an isolated space which can be considered as the sacred space. In India, each home has these sacred spaces, a carefully selected room or a nook or an area.

We present below the 4 most popular sacred spaces in many homes for hobbies, prayers, music, isolation and peace

The Prayer Space

In most homes, you will find a  designated space  for prayers and this is absolute necessity so that you can spend some moments peacefully to say your prayers. It can be a corner space or a separate room.



The Music Space

A small room or a small corner of your room should be your space for music. Whether you play or listen, convert this area into a zone of music. Keep your piano or the keyboard or other musical instruments here. If your fond of listening to music, keep your music system here with the headphone  and the CDs. There is nothing like spending few moments to yourself every evening in this sacred music space of yours.

Music Sacred Space

Music Sacred Space

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The Meditation Zone

Usually the balcony is the most common space for meditation and yoga. But, you can convert a small space in your bedroom or study room into a complete meditation zone where there is no disturbance while you meditate.

Meditation space in a room

Meditation space in a room

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The Art Space

If you are an art lover, if painting is your hobby, you should definitely have a space to yourself to hone your artistic skills. It can be a single room  only for arts and paintings and if there is a space constraint, create an art space for yourself. Spending few minutes here will definitely rejuvenate you.

The Art Zone in a room

The Art Zone

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The Reading Space

Add a space exclusively for reading in any room of you choice. It should not be a big one if there is space constraint. Use the wall for book shelves. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair to sit on while reading. Reading is fun and a great way to relax yourself after a hard day’s work.



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