How to Strengthen Your Love Life: Use FengShui Mandarin Ducks for Love

Feng Shui is believed to have every possible solution and cure for all types of problems, which are related to your personal life, professional life, your home and your office. One of the most important parts of your personal life, which undeniably controls your state of mind, is your love relationship. Interestingly enough, for your love life also, Feng Shui has got many cures and different types of symbols are considered to be effective and are used in Feng Shui to provide remedies for love. One such symbol used in Feng Shui cures for love is a pair of mandarin ducks. Get Fengshui Mandarin Ducks for your Love Life



The images of mandarin ducks in Feng Shui are used to draw attention of the partner of your dreams. For your happy married life too the symbol of mandarin ducks is believed to be quite essential. China is assumed to be the place of origin for Feng Shui and the image of mandarin ducks is also associated with Chinese culture. The most significant aspect of love, which is loyalty or fidelity, is associated with the mandarin ducks, stories of which are integral to the Chinese folktales. The mandarin ducks accompany their partners lifelong and are thought to be always faithful to their partners.


You can keep a painting, a figurine, a photo or an image of the Feng Shui mandarin ducks at home. You can also go for the brass, jade, rose quartz and crystal statuettes of mandarin ducks. Rose quartz is a special material is considered to contain the energy of curing love related pains and as such you can place a rose quartz figurine of mandarin ducks at your home to obtain optimum results associated with your love life.

Mandarin Ducks



The Feng Shui Bagua is the energy map of your home, which is concerned with the analysis of energy that exists in a space. The area related to your love and married life is shown in your home bagua. You can place your mandarin ducks in the southwestern part of your home if you want to obtain your Feng Shui love cures according to the traditional principles of Feng Shui. Your lucky direction can be determined by your date of birth and this direction is also ideal for the placement of your mandarin ducks according to the Feng Shui principles.

Mandarin Ducks in pair

You need to place your mandarin ducks only in pairs since a single one is unlucky and not a good love symbol. Keep them in the same direction and keep the energy surrounding them fresh, pure and illuminated.

Keep a pair of mandarin ducks at your home and enjoy the love life that you have desired for

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