Bring Home The Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat For Luck & Prosperity

Feng Shui involves balancing the invisible energy or chi that you have in your surroundings. Feng Shui cures make your surroundings favourable for you with the incorporation of various Feng Shui products that Feng Shui are widely used worldwide as integral to the different Feng Shui cures. Each Feng Shui element has its own individual impact in balancing off the qi (chi) or the unseen force around you. One of these interesting Feng Shui elements is the Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat, which is extensively used across homes and commercial spaces as well.

Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat,Feng Shui

Feng Shui wealth cat will bring good luck for you while adding charm to your home decor

About Lucky Cat

The lucky Feng Shui cat is one of the most popular Feng Shui products used as a lucky charm for Feng Shui cures. These days Feng Shui is not just associated with its application in accordance with its age-old concepts but also blends the traditional methods with the contemporary means. Using lucky Feng Shui cat is the same as using Ganesha according to the Hindu religious beliefs. The Lucky Cat has its origin in Japan, which is used in Feng Shui by its followers and practitioners, the name of this Japanese Lucky Cat being Maneki Neko. Popular by this name among the believers of, the effigy of this cat can be named Beckoning Cat in English. The pose of effigy gives it this name and it is usually seen raising one paw. At times the cat is also illustrated by a sitting posture.

Chinese Maneki Neko

Chinese Maneki Neko

Lucky Cat Cures

Maneki Neko is used mostly across different types of business facilities, which include private offices, restaurants and retail shops for bringing in success and riches into these businesses. Other names given to this Japanese Lucky Cat are money cat and fortune cat undoubtedly because of its Feng Shui cures, which comprise of the bringing in fortune or luck. This cat is more or less like the fu dogs, its posture being evident of its indications of inviting fortune and wealth towards the place where it is kept. However, Japanese Lucky Cat is also used for securing a place against all adversities. Entryway of your officeand southeast corner of the room where you keep your money are the best places to keep a Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat. The purity of the white colour is augmented by the vibrant hues of red, black and gold whereas the upright paw symbolizes it to be protecting and summoning people towards it. An old Japanese coin or a circular gold coin is usually seen to be held by the Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat. The lucky cat is adorned with a red scarf or golden bells around its neck.

Maneki Neko Lucky Feng Shui White Cat

Maneki Neko Lucky Feng Shui White Cat

For Home Decor

Try using a Charmed Feng Shui Wealth Cat at your home or in your office and watch it bringing in good fortune into your life. This will also give an enhanced look to your room’s decor, wherever it is placed. Moreover, these are available as lucky hanging charms, as paper weights, as balls, crystal displays etc.

Fengshui Cats Paper Weights

Fengshui Cats Paper Weights

Fengshui Cats Hanging Charm

Fengshui Cats Hanging Charm


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