10 Bathroom Decoration Ideas to Bring Vibe to Your Sanctuary

Want to make your bathroom more attractive? Need more storage and comfort? Check out Best Home Decor’s inspirational ideas for trendy bathroom decor. Check out these lovely bathroom decoration ideas to enhance the look of your bathrooms in your living space. These ideas will definitely create a stylish bath with big impact.

All-Pink Sanctuary

Pink can honestly make any bathroom stand out, specifically if it’s paired with silver enhancements and light colors. Layer pink, large hone on the floor, and cut them into narrower pieces for the main wall, where the shower is going to be. Opt for installing two traditional sinks, with mirrors positioned just above them, at an angle. For the cabinets, keep the design simple and straightforward – we suggest basic white ones, preferably smaller, so you can put at least two or three in line on the opposite wall. A comfortable ottoman will make the entire ensemble more familiar, though a chair will be just as good.


Image source: http://donghae.info/

Beach Vibe

Bring the beach vibe to your bathroom with this adorable design idea. A warm shade of blue, like this light turquoise, will make your walls look calmer, especially if you install one-centimeter wide wooden supports as pictured here. Starfish of different sizes, shapes and colors will certainly look just great if you place them in line on each wooden support, and paired with white oysters, your bathroom will surely have a mermaid-esque feel. A traditional bathtub with shower and a rounded mirror will complete the design.

 Fashion-Forward Bathroom

If you want your bathroom to approach a more contemporary design, this fashion-forward idea will surely make you want to have it. The bathtub is oval and has a thin rectangular mirror just above. Keep the floor simple by installing brown, shiny hone, which will beautifully complement the white-printed tiles. Opt for having some uniquely-shaped sinks like these ones, and make your bathroom feel more like a spa with floor-to-roof wood-framed windows.

Yellow-Striking Prints

Just because your bathroom is incredibly small, that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the vibe in. Just look at this striking shade of yellow – it looks so gorgeous and stylish that it’s hard to take your eyes off it. Pair animal prints with clear lines for an edgy feel, and choose to complement this flashy shade of yellow with a contrasting hue of purple. If there’s no window, be sure to always have a vase of pretty flowers placed somewhere in your tiny, but infinitely more familiar sanctuary.

Spa Addiction

Nothing compares to an at-home spa right in your bathroom, and if you’re clever enough to know how to blend colors beautifully, you’ll certainly be able to obtain a similar result. Position the bathtub close to the wall and surround it with tiles, adding an extra stair just above as support for scented candles and flowers. A simple wood cabinet, with only two shelves, will be the perfect place for storing your towels without taking too much space. Ditch the regular satin or sheer curtains in favor of bamboo ones, with lambrequins to accent your windows.



Princess-Worthy Flair

It’s no doubt that this bathroom decoration idea is worth of a princess – the design says it all. Opt for layering tiles in different shades of pink on the walls. Get creative – pairing different shades, sizes and patterns will make your bathroom look gorgeous, and you shouldn’t stand back just because this seems, well, too much. A pink flower-printed shower curtain like this one is girly, simple, and flirtatious, while an old-school luggage, like the one here, can be the best cabinet for storing anything from scented candles to towels and even your beauty bag. Small details, like that vintage bird cage, pink bottles, or the chandelier will complement the ensemble stylishly.

Contemporary Coziness

Your bathroom design does not have to be the most luxurious, or the most complex. A simple, yet contemporary design in green and white can make it more familiar and cozy, especially if you know how to arrange everything in an attractive manner. Paint the main wall, where the mirror and sink are, in green, and opt for white tiles for the rest. Instead of bringing in a separate cabinet, you can always opt for building one right in the wall, like here. A pear-shaped vase will beautifully accommodate lavender, and a simple rectangular mirror like this one can become the piece du resistance of this ensemble.



Image source: http://hdwallfinder.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/spectacular-cozy-bathroom-designs.jpg

Miniature Beauty

If you cannot afford luxurious designs, you can always choose to transform your smaller bathroom into a real sanctuary with very little effort. White tiles and hones are timeless and classy, and they can easily make any room look larger. To avoid monotony, add a nice enhancement to the walls, such as two strips or colors, or other elements that keep the design edgy and clear. Place the sink and mirror on the opposite wall where the toilet is, and don’t forget about those tiny details that will make the decoration more visually-appealing: a few matching towels, wooden supports, even some greens.



Image source: http://francotechnogap.com/images/Bathroom-Design-Ideas-For-Cozy-Homes-Red-Towel-Mesmerizing-Nice-Decor-Cool-Furniture-Divine-home-decor-interior-design-ideas-Industrial-Style.jpg

Blue-and-Brown Paradise

What about turning your bathroom into a blue-and-brown paradise? Use small square tiles colored in different shades of blue to design the walls around the bathtub, and use simple maroon tiles for the rest. To avoid creating a too striking contrast, choose grey hones for the floor, and a dotted area rug for a plus of style. Two bowl-style sinks will make the decoration stand out, and hanged lamps will distribute light evenly in your sanctuary.

Bold Burgundies

Burgundy was fashionable last year, and it’s apparently a common choice in 2014 as well – and here’s the proof. Pair a main burgundy wall with three others enhanced by brick-shaped white tiles installed vertically. Ditch the hones and go for a more fashionable option, like a moquette. For the bathtub, we suggest going for a more interesting shape, like this one. And if you want your bathroom to look just great, accessorize it with a vase of purple flowers.



Image source: http://housearquitectura.com/wp-content/uploads/small-master-bathroom-idea-floor-plans.jpg

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