Furnishing Ideas for a Swanky Bachelor Pad

As a bachelor with a spectacular den, it can be confusing as how to keep the young element intact while furnishing your place. One thing is certain, the formula to furnish a swanky bachelor pad lies in a minimalistic and casual appeal. You would definitely not want to burden the youthful character of your home with hefty furniture. Interior decoration for bachelor pads should ideally be vibrant, boldly defined and present a novelty in assortments. Let us look at top five furnishing ideas essential for a swanky bachelor pad.

Bachelor's Pad

Bachelor’s Pad

Bright Coloured Bean Bags

Bean bags make an ideal sitting furniture for bachelor pad for its comfortable plus casual appeal. Bean bags with various lively colours and shapes can be put  together in a casual pattern around the living room space. Also these can be matched with floor cushions and drapes to complete the overall essence.

Bright Coloured Bean Bags

Bright Coloured Bean Bags

Mini Bar or Bar on Wheels

Not subjected to whether you drink or you don’t, a mini bar with a collection of syrups and liquors and a cocktail and mocktail maker is a must-have to add the swank to your bachelor space. You can also keep a coffee maker, couple of exotic tea bag pouches and crockery in your mini bar. If there is a space crunch, a trolly bar can suffice the need as well.

mini bar in a bachelor's pad

mini bar in a bachelor’s pad

Pool Table and Other Indoor Sports

A bachelors den must be young and never boring. To keep up the spirit through the furniture, you can place a pool table, tennis table, dart board, poker charts and hand tennis in accordance with your taste.

pool-table-in-bachelor's pad

pool-table-in-bachelor’s pad

Modular Cooking Station

Cooking is an interactive activity as per the young norms and hence the kitchen designs for bachelor pad defines the same. Instead of a traditional kitchen set up, try keeping an open kitchen station just next to your living room. Just so that you might need to get busy cooking or serving but do it in a much fancy way.



Mood Lights and Shadow Lamps

Lightening sets the mood right and so does the mood lights. Dynamic bachelor pad lights has to be more than ordinary. You can use one from the various pattern of mood lighting lamps and shadow lightening shades to get the perfect blend of a cozy yet bright composure in your bachelor space.



So, dash up the interiors with the above furnishing ideas for a swanky bachelor pad.

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