Impeccable Designer Sofas for Your Living Room

The living room of the house is by large a common sitting area, accommodating casual retiring as well as formal arrangement for guests and gatherings. Undoubtedly, sofa sets are crucial to a living room’s facade and comforting characteristic. In accordance with the significance of sofa designs with the living area’s overall aesthetics, we have contemplated few all time classy styles of designer sofas for your living room. They are:

Sectional Sofa Sets with Victorian Design

Sectional designer sofas for your living room are multi-purpose Modern Sofa Sets which can be disintegrated and arranged in a customised fashion. These sofa sets usually come along with a combination of a three seater couch, single sofa chairs, stools and a side resting chaise.

 Victorian design sofas are antique styled furniture sittings with rich fabrics like velvet, shaped with a queen size back rest and based with finely polished wood. You can combine victorian chaise, chairs and a large size centre couch to arrange your own sectional sofa sitting.

sofa sectional-victorian-style

sofa sectional-victorian-style

Love Seat Sofa Designs

Love seat designer sofas are essentially a two seater mid size sofa concepts with optional patterns of side rests. Love seats can be used with angular back rest or single arm rest. There are convertible love seat sofa sets also available which can be extended into a full length double seater couch with foot rests.




Also known as day beds, divans are evolved traditional sitting designs originally from the middle eastern culture where it was used in official sittings and public gatherings. Divan sittings are long, full bed length sittings with one sided angular rest. It is best positioned at room corners or against side walls. Depending on the base material and fabric, divans can portray a vintage look or can serve as one of the best designs in contemporary sofas.



Sleeper Sofa Designs

Modern Designer sofas have revolutionised sofa sittings to serve dual purposes yet in a compact fashion. Sleeper sofa designs are four seater couch sofas with cushioned arms rests and broad seat width. Sleeper designer sofas for your living room can lavishly accommodate more while serving as a compact bedding utility. There are also folding sleeper sofa designs which can be extended into a full fledged bed when needed.



These novelty Sofa design Ideas are not only more illustrative in style but also provide huge levy in customising the living room sitting arrangement as per one’s choice and convenience.

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