Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms

Decorating a small size bedroom is not just about conceptualizing but also facilitate to make as much space in the room interiors as admissible. A thoughtful embellished interior for a compact sized bedroom can escalate its utility meanwhile garnishing the over all look aesthetically. Let us take a look at some compact bedroom decorating ideas with smart furnishings. Live big in your small bedroom by implementing the following space saving decorative ideas.



Folding and Extendable Furniture

 Small bedrooms can provide place for more utilities and accessories if the space taken by hefty furniture sets is curtailed to minimum. The most space occupying bed room amenities like bed, study or side table, wardrobe, dressing table cannot be compromised in size. The best way to keep them stylish and compact is by using the foldable versions. You can either use the wall mounted folding furniture or the portable ones which can be put off when not needed.



 Open Shelving

 Closed shelves and bedroom furnishings can make the room look more packed. Use of open shelves for bedroom decoration is one of the most potent bedroom decorating ideas which can make the room look more commodious. One can use open shelves for books, show pieces and clothing in various ways like:

? Wall embedded shelves

? Floor mounted racks

? Shelves and racks mounted on bed headboard



Smart Storage

Most of the legroom in bedrooms is taken by storage fitments. Smart storage with compact furniture is the most affordable and clutter free way of saving the extra space while decorating small bedrooms with modern furniture options like:

? Collapsible wardrobes, rack and shelfs

? Double story furniture like box bed

? cupboard inserted storage like dresser

? Attic storage

? Under floor attics



 Color and Theme

 Few tricks and facts based on aesthetic aspects which can make a small bedroom look spacious are:

? Color Scheme: Light colors tend to reflect more light. You can use lemon yellow, off white, diluted green and other wall colors for your small bedroom for the effect.

? Bed Placement: A lot depends on how and where the bed is placed in the room. Keeping the bed in the centre is recommended rather then blocking one complete corner with it.

? Drapes and window lengths: Long windows can give more height in appearance to a small rooms. Also window drapes and curtains should be hung right from near the ceiling for a magnifying effect.

? More open floor: Leaving large floor portions uncovered with room decorative accessories and furnishings also is one of the smart decorative ideas for small rooms.








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