6 Contemporary Home Decorative Accessories in the Living Room

Designer home decorative accessories have played a significant role in revitalizing home interiors since time and beyond. The contemporary segment of decorative accessories for house indoors and outdoors is ever evolving with an incredible variance. Below are some modish novelty of modern home decorative accessories to take a fancy to.

Designer Aquariums

Residential aquariums can add to the decor as a charmer other then being home to pet fishes. Some of the modish types of residential aquariums to choose from are:

–      Tank Aquariums

–      Wall inserted aquariums

–      Bowl fish tanks

–      Shelf embedded aquariums





As much as the lighting garnishes the interior decor, so does the light fixtures and ornaments. In the current trend, there are some artistic lamps and lighting accessories available for a newfangled home decoration. They are:

–       Floor lamps

–      Hanging pendant lights

–      Cane knitted lamp shades

–      Table lamps

–      Wall lamps

–      Mood lighting shades

–      LED Lamps



Hanging Crafts

There are ample variations of hanging accessories for home decor which can add vibrance and an extra element to your home decoration, Like:

–      Wind Chimes

–      Hanging tea-light holders

–      Paper illustrations

–      Decorative pigeon cage craft




Carrying the antique appeal, hanging chandeliers in the living room or lobby can be an exotic add on to the home decoration. Depending on the size of the interior, there are varied sizes and designs available in both, traditional and modern patterns.

–      Crystal Chandeliers

–      Drum Chandeliers

–      Tiffany styled Chandeliers

–      Wrought Metal Chandeliers



Wall Art

Plain walls are a bygone trend. Wall stickers, 3D wall papers and customized wall graffiti art and themes are the new accessories to decorate home interiors even more illustratively. Some of ravishing wall decor accessory segments are:

–      Full size portrait photo frames

–      Wall tattoos

–      Wall decals and stickers

–      Hand painted abstract wall prints

–      Decorative sequences

–      Metal hangings and clocks

Wall-art-at home

Wall-art-at home

Window Drapes

Window decoration with some gorgeous and winsome drapes can extend the interior home decor to newer realms. You can use matching drapes with frills, net curtains as well as shimmer strings.



Home decorative accessories are very cost efficient and as moderately priced so that one can revamp home decor in different themes from time to time. The variety of options vary from cane work, metal, crafted paper work, plastic, potpourri art to wooden accessories. In accordance to the color scheme and basic appeal of the interior decor, one can mix and match these accessories and enliven the surroundings with stylish home decoration.

Image source: jarbcue.com, www.bassineco.com; kbf123.com; home-mu.com; www.architectureholic.com; favim.com

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