5 Swanky Patterns of Roman Shades for Window Treatment

Roman shades for windows and doors have been used for decoration purposes as well as in order to add interiors with a lavish and vibrant appeal. The roman shades are constructed from a flat material that folds up or down in an accordion style once it is pulled up or down by a cord.  The roman shades are made up of various quality fabrics and are light in material. Along with different colours and prints, roman shades for window treatment are also available in various styles. Here are the most stylish five patterns in roman shades to look at.


Classic Flat Window Shades

The most traditional and highly elegant pattern of roman shades is the simple flat one. These are available in materials like linen, jute cotton, thermal cloth and more. The flat roman shades are easy to instal and fall plain over the window while covering it.

Classic Flat Roman Shades

Classic Flat Roman Shades

Front Clamped Roman Window Shades

Front clamped roman shades for window treatment are battened outwards against the window in the opposite direction. The batted folds fall in slant, covering the window equally while portraying a look of several folds. The fold sizes are adjustable.

Front clamped roman shades for window treatment

Front clamped roman shades for window treatment

Back Clamped Window Shades

The roman window shades with inward clamped folds give a plain surface look from the outside with very slim strips of fabric folded in. These folds can also be easily adjusted with a string pull hanging sideways. These roman window shades are best for self moderating the brightness.

Back Clamped Window Shades

Back Clamped Window Shades

Hobble-Ending Window Shades

These roman shades are also known as casual pattern shades. The fabric falls flat from the upper grid and gets slightly up-held from the side corners to create a hobble shape with the end fall. This pattern essentially falls into a neat curve, upwards. There are laced, net embroidered and other styles available in the hobble ending pattern for a fancy look with fine textured fabrics.

Hobbled Roman Shades

Hobbled Roman Shades

Flat Folding Window Shades

Another variety in the classic flat roman shades segment, folding shades have a closed end with layers of tints. The folding pattern gives it a clean and nicely creased ending. These in particular look very fancy on half or a quarter fall over a window.


Flat Folding Roman Shades

Flat Folding Roman Shades

Using roman shades for interior decoration is an elegant way to shade away day light meanwhile these accessorises your room’s look. Roman shades for window treatment are moderately priced and easy to vacuum. Roman shades for windows, doors and open wall shelves are available in numerous shades.  Match your pick of roman shades with colour theme of your window room and enjoy the plush look.

Image Source: Amazingspaces.biz, houzz.com, objectivehome.blogspot.com, http://www.blindsgalore.com, http://www.blindsgalore.com

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