Ceiling Medallion Design Ideas

Want your give your room an added touch that displays your style and personality, a style that mirrors your status? Then opt for a  high impact design on your ceiling. Do-up the ceiling of your living room, bedroom or guest room with decorative medallions and accents. You can transform any plain ordinary looking room and add sophistication to it by fixing a ceiling medallion beneath a ceiling fan or a lighting fixture. These are available in various shapes, colours and sizes and are made of heavy plaster and lightweight polyurethane varieties, depending on your architectural and home design needs. These can also be custom designed. With various colors and finishes, the ceiling medallions can match any fixture or décor.

 Tips to consider

  • Size of the Room or Space: You can go for ceiling medallion that is larger in diameter than the light fixture in bedroom, living room, entryway or dining room. Bathroom or dressing or study room, which are generally smaller in size, should be accentuated with ceiling medallions that are smaller than the diameter of the light fixture. You can install a medallion in a long hall way proportional with the width, not the length.
  • Height of the ceiling:  A ceiling medallion looks better in a really high ceiling. The higher the ceiling is, the bigger and more elaborate the medallion can be.
  • Light fixture size: If you have a chandelier in your home, always remember that the medallion should never be the same size as the light.  Otherwise, there is an optical illusion makes the ceiling appear to be lower than it truly is. This is also called “tunnel-vision”. To avoid this mistake, choose a medallion larger in width than the chandelier.
  • House decor: Now, this of course depends on your own style and preference. But if your home decor fall into some style categories, accordingly you have to make the choice medallions. For instance,  for a 1950’s look, use a white ceiling medallion on a white ceiling and hang a vintage crystal chandelier beneath it. In Classical, Victorian or other decorative home styles, a complex fleur-de-lis patterned medallion will coordinate well. Traditional looking homes can go for a classic Colonial Revival medallion.  Dome-shaped ornamental ceiling medallion looks good in a neoclassical revival style home. They can further be accentuated with floral motifs and cast bronze. Modern-style homes should go for ceiling medallions with intricate rope and flower motifs. Beautiful geometric patterns and shapes in bright colors would work well for modern style architecture.

Ceiling Medallion Design Ideas

ceiling-medallions-1 ceiling-medallions-2 ceiling-medallions-3 ceiling-medallions-4 ceiling-medallions-5 ceiling-medallions-6

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