Opt for Blue and White Home Decor

When we talk about the colour combination of Blue and White, what comes to our mind is the Blue and White ceramic work. Yes, this colour combination is associated with ceramic work of art. But there is  more to this colour combination. Why don’t you try out a beautiful home decor using this lovely colour combination, which includes the colour of the wall, the furnishings and some exclusive blue and white home decor items.

So today let us pay a tribute to beautiful blue and white colour in all its many variations. This is always a beautiful and timeless addition to virtually to any room, …it can do no wrong! Check out some of these favorite ways to decorate with blue and white.

Blue and White Wall Colour

Lets start with the most simplest thing….to have the colour of your walls in the living room BLUE. With simple sofa sets as white, this looks very mild and serene.



Blue and White Furnishings

Leaving aside the walls, you can have your furnishings converted into a blue white combination, like as the sofa cover in the living room, table cover in the dining room or the bed sheet in the bedroom. Or you can have the blinds as well…





Blue and White Home Decor Items

Now lets opt for some decorative pieces in blue and white. This looks amazing. Keep it as a cluster in a corner or on the shelf or hang it on the wall. You can also opt for decorative blue white boxes or balls , wall clocks, picture frames….. The choice is endless to match with the theme.

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