Make Use of Tribal Metal Crafts on Walls

Handcrafted Tribal Metal Artifacts are wonderful ways to add an ethnic touch to your room, along with a modern appeal. These Tribal craft motifs have become very popular in modern home decor and they add individual touches of charm and character to an otherwise ordinary blank wall. Presenting below some of the most creatively designed Ancient Indian style decoratives. You can buy them online. Discover what a finishing touch these metal tribal handicrafts makes when hanged on  just the right spot in your home! Choose these beautiful crafts to add decorative style to your home. These art pieces are usually beautifully carved in brass, bell metal or copper with an antique golden finishing and framed in wooden and glass frame. These artifacts also make a unique gift to anyone who prefer adding a royal touch to their home. These are rare pieces of art which should be collected and treasured.

Tribal metal craft at from brand Aapno Rajasthan

Handcrafted Tribal Metal Craft With Rosewood Frame Price Rs. 1271


Dhokra Tribal Art Metal Craft at from the brand Exclusivelane.

Give a traditional touch to your home decor with this set of two wall paintings by Exclusive Lane. The exquisite  items are done with Dhokra art . The wall decors come framed in sheesham and are handpainted with dhokra figures on a red base.


Exclusivelane Brown Red – Wall Painting: Price 2198

Handcrafted Tribal metal Craft Wall Clock with Rosewood Frame at
What about this Handcrafted Tribal metal artifact along with a Wall Clock. Made with Rosewood Frame and Glass with a size of 7 inches, this wall art will definitely add a unique look to your decor.


Metal Tribal Crafted Wall Clock


Handcrafted Tribal Metal Craft at
Handcrafted Tribal metal artifact of size 6 * 6 inches and one in D shape with Rosewood Frame and Glass.


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