Swag and Jabot Style Curtains For Modern Homes

Swag and jabot style curtain offers a very attractive and royal look to your bedroom and living room interior. Swag and jabots can be mounted in different ways : single, double or triple swags for your curtains.  Swag and jabot style curtains need heavy fabrics to prepare and only one type of fabric is used to drape over a rod to form both swag and jabot. Jabots, are a type of window treatment hung in pairs. They are cut at a severe angle and are shorter in the center and longer on the outer edges. Jabots may be hung on their own, or in coordination with a swag or plain valance. When paired with swags, the jabots may be placed over or under the swag portion. Swag curtains are actually a window valance that is paired with lace or sheers or pinch pleat curtains for a complete window dressing. These curtains are perfect to give that extra effect.  Swag and jabot curtains are one of the best ways to add country decor to your home. They are available in a variety of styles and prints.  These curtains are add a finishing touch to a room.



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