Sectional Sofa Designs For Your Living Room

Sectionals or sectional sofas offer a comfortable and useful option for creating relaxing living spaces. Sectional sofas can be a great seating solution.  They not only give an attractive look to the room but also have multi purpose use. Available in multiple seating arrangements, there is the flexibility to push them together as one unit or to break them up to create multiple living room seats. Sectional sofas a great investment. Their modular “U” and “L” shapes accommodate more people than a sofa and can be arranged and rearranged to suit the way you like to lounge.  You can also add an ottoman to a sectional sofa and can use it for more comfort and flexibility.

Finding the right style of sectional sofa

  • For Lounging:  You can add a chaise to one end of your sectional sofa. This increases your seating possibilities. A sofa with chaise or L-shape configuration is an ideal setup for letting one or two people read, nap or simply relax.
  • Spread out:  Consider using wedges to create a semi-circular shape to cozy up with the kids. The curved seating opens up more leg room than a right-angle corner piece, giving everyone a great view on movie night.
  • For Entertaining: Go for an L-shaped sectional with chaise. This allows you and your guests talk face to face while leaving ample room for a coffee table in the center. Ideal in large or open rooms.
  • Use Ottomans: Ottomans can be built into a sectional grouping for open seating, used as traditional footrests or even as cocktail tables.
  • For Sleeping: Several sectionals are also available as sleepers, so you can turn any room into inviting guest beds.
  • For Storage: Several sectional sofas offer storage ottomans that provide convenient, easy-access storage for extra blankets and sheets.

Sectional Sofas Design Gallery



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