The Best Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Does your bedroom lacks romance? Do you want a romantic look and feel in your bedroom? Few small changes can make all the difference. But yes, you also need to be romantic at heart to create a romantic bedroom for your soulmate. A romantic bedroom is every man or woman’s fantasy.  Romantic bedroom decoration is not just an idea but should also cover all factors like as  comfort, relaxation, coziness, intimacy and of course luxury. Presenting below some ideas or tips to transform your otherwise dull looking bedroom into a romantic one.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

  • Clear Clutter: Rule no.1 Clear every clutter visible in front of you , may be the bill or the newspaper or your office bag. Well, clutter also implies the clothes that you hand behind the door. Create a clutter free zone for you and your partner.
  • Bed and Bedding: Rule no. 2. Are you satisfied with your present bed? Does it make any creaking sound when you sleep on it? Change the look of your bed. Always necessary to have a proper headboard. Also change the bed lines and bedding. Go for romantic colours and prints. Purchase the utterly soft, flawless bedspreads and bed covers. Pick the warm color instead of dark gloomy ones. Buy flannel or fleece bedding in winters. Silk and satin bed linens give a very luxurious look. You will find amazing cotton bed sheets for summers, which give a cool as well as a romantic look.
  • Romantic Bedroom Color Scheme: Colors play an important role in making your room more romantic. Color your bedroom in the tones of your choice. But do not use too dark colors. You can also go for the textured paint or the wall art or other wall decoration to make it more attractive.
  • Select Proper Furnishings: Add bed skirts in your bed. Have flowy curtains that are decorated with fringes, beads or laces. Use throw rugs or carpets on the floor of your bedroom for unrestrained appearance.
  • No hardcore electronics: A romantic bedroom has no space for computers, television, fitness equipment and other electronic stuff.
  • Use Candles and Table Lamps: A perfect sensuous bedroom has a perfect soothing effect in the form of candles and lights. Use floor candles. Scented candles give an extra effect. Use dim lights or table lamps having dim light. Place these at the side tables. Do not use too flashy lights.
  • Flowers: For a special night or any special occasion like as anniversary or birthday, dont forget to keep your beloved’s favorite flowers on the side table.
  • Soft music can set the perfect mood.
  • Hang romantic wall decor and place romantic art pieces in your romantic bedroom.

Design Gallery

Scented Candles in a Romantic Bedroom

Soft lights and White Flowing Canopy



Flowers and Candles for a Romantic Look

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