Bed Skirts for Beds For a Decorative Bedroom

Bed skirts are the perfect way to decorate your bedroom in a stylish way. Bedskirts change the look and feel of everything around and create a luxurious appeal of the bed and the bed room.  Bedskirts are also referred as dust ruffles and the main functions of the use of bed skirts are to hide the box underneath the bed and whatever may be stored under the bed. They also help to reduce the dust and dirt build up that happens under the bed. Lots of styles are available in bed skirts with various fabrics and prints options. Silk bed skirt, satin bedskirt, cotton bed skirts, lace bedskirt can really create a designer look that you wish to have. This beautiful bed skirt adds the perfect touch of charm and finished style.

Bed Skirts

Adorn your bed with Bedskirts

 Types of Bed Skirts

Panel Bed Skirts: These are made of three panels, one panel for each side of the bed. The panels are attached to the sides and foot of the bed with pins. This type of bed skirt is easy to remove as well.

Deck bedskirt: This type of bed skirt  is one that is attached to a piece of “decking” fabric that is fixed underneath the mattress. The decking fabric is the same size as the mattress. When the mattress is placed over the fabric, the bedskirt hangs over the edge of the box spring. A deck bedskirt is not adjustable.

Styles of Bed Skirts

There are the ruffled frilly styled bed skirts. This can give a princess feel.  Exotic bed skirts dust ruffles should complement the entire bedding.  Usually the bedding material and the bed skirts are of the same fabric abd prints. You can also opt for contrast colours. The styles of bedskirts available in terms of design is truly endless.Bedskirts are chosen in both complementing and contrasting colors. A darker colored bed skirt  will draw attention to the bed as the focal point of the room A lighter colored bed skirt will elongate the look of the bed.

Bed Skirts Design Gallery 

Check here the exquisitely designed bed skirts dust ruffle and bedding ideas to decorate your bedroom in the most beautiful way:

Detachable Bed Skirts

Detachable Bed Skirts





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