Multi Functional Furniture Design Ideas

Nowadays people are opting for multi-functional furniture. If you stay in a small house, the multifunctional furniture is of great help.  No doubt, the activity and the need remains the same for any house living in a small or big house. A bed, a table, a chair is something which everyone requires in his house, the size and the number of course varies.  A tiny room can be presented with all the furniture as needed. The multi functional furniture is generally modular and can serve varied purpose. There are various creative ways by which a single piece of furniture can be transformed into a different furniture as per needs.

Multi Functional Furniture Design Ideas

Kewb Mutli Functional Furniture

In the following picture, you can see how a single box is transformed into three styles of furniture: a bed, a sofa and a three-seater table for dining purpose. Brought to you by Kewb.



Kenchikukagu Mobile Furniture

A fantastic space saving and multi functional furniture, this is perfect for professional unmarried men and women. If your job is a transferable one and you don’t like to carry heavy furniture, then opt for this. The est comprises three movable boxes, inside which you will find your furniture needs.



Fold Out Couch

This is another useful multi furniture: a couch transforming into a bed, not like the conventional sofa-cum-bed but a trendy couch-cum-bed.



Muti Functional Table


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