Summer Home Decor Tips

With peak summer on, its time to spruce up your home to let the fresh and cool air in. It is time to give a fresh look of summer with some quick accents of color, style, and accessories. Decorate your space with summer-inspired, lovely home decor accents. The basic idea  is to go simple, to use fewer and less ornate furnishings and accessories. The perfect look for summer is the one when you feel a fresh breeze from an open window and the brightness of the sun.

Remove all dark accessories like wool throws, velvet pillows, satin bedsheets and even that dark leather chair and ottoman. Get cool cotton and linen home furnishings. Replace heavy drapes with sheers or bamboo blinds, and keep the windows sparkling clean.


cotton-bed-covers-in paisly-prints



Remove Large Furniture: Try removing some of the heavier and larger pieces of furniture. If you have any basement or storeroom, just keep them there for some months. This enables the re-placement of the remaining furniture so that there is more space between the main pieces, giving a feeling of openness and airiness to the room. Bring in a few pieces of wicker from the porch if they can be spared, and use instead of an upholstered piece.





Keep bare flooring instead of carpets and rugs. 

 Bring in fresh, flowers and welcome summer!



Instead of the darker wood and gold lamps, vases, frames and tables , look around the house for glass, light-colored or white ceramics, and aluminum or bamboo furniture and lamps.

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