Urns for Home Decoration

An urn is a large decorative vase that is made of terracotta, metal, mud, ceramic, wood and  usually includes a pedestal. Urns look wonderful on corners, mantles, tables, entrance,  hallways, gardens etc.  When you decorate your home, there are some common items that become your favorite accents and one such product is the Urn. It creates a great display. At the top of the it, urns are available in every size, shape and style. They are lovely and versatile. If you want to add spark and style to your home, then  use urns. They instantly add elegance and have so much year-round potential. Urns create an appeal to anyplace where they are kept, be it the entrance or at the corner of the room or on the mantel or in the garden.

Decoration Tips Using Urns

In the winter, you could fill a big, hefty urn with huge pine cones or kindling wood for your fireplace or you can actually palct pine tree in it.

Urn decor in winter

Urn at the entrance with pine tree

In the spring, fill it with pots of tulips or daffodils or any flower blossoms.

urn with flower blossoms

In summer, pile an urn with seashells and place it on the mantel .

And in the fall, an urn would look lovely filled with colorful gourds.

Some Other Decor Ideas

garden urn

Urn Decorating Ideas

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