Vastu Shankh Yantra

The Vastu Shankh Yantra is a powerfully charged conch shell, filled with metallic substances and can paly a vital role in vastu corrections of a house or office. The shankh yantra serves both as centering devices or as a symbolic composition of the energy pattern of various deities.  The Yantra has the mantra as its soul.  The shankha yantra create various sound by blowing air through mouth. Worshipping the Almighty in the form of a Yantra is a very effective way of worshiping because the Almighty is invoked into the Yantra. Any kind of Vastu corrections related to health, wealth or relationship problems, can now be done through the Vastu Shankh Yantra. “Correction without demolition” is the main concept behind the Shankh Yantra.



Materials Used in Making Shankh Yantra

Copper, Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Shaligram

Use of the Vastu Shankha

  • This Vastu Shankh Yantra is a very powerful device for energizing a place.
  • It cures the Vastu defects of the place.
  • The yantra helps make corrections, without any demolition. This is the main reason why the shankh yantra is gaining popularity all over the world.
  • The Vastu Shankh Yantra has been used extensively in numerable existing factories and building construction sites with great results.
  • It  has the potential to add value to your business.
  • It helps in proper flow of energy without doing any kind of demolition or changes to increase profitability




Categories: Home FengShui & Vastu

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