Quilted Coverlets for Bedroom

Quilted coverlets are the latest entrants in the home furnishings market which serve the dual purpose of decoration and warmth. Coverlets have become very popular in bedroom decor because they are decorative and light weight. If you are looking for something that is comfortable and at the same time ornamental for bedding, then you must opt for quilted coverlets. Quilted coverlets are used as a decorative cover over the blanket and bed sheets. Different fabrics like silk, cotton, satin, polyester, sateen, suede and more can be used to make the quilted bed coverlets . They are made from two layers of fabric with the filling of polyester or other material that is soft and warm. They give a pleasant warm feeling when you laze around on the bed. They give you the comfort of warmth when you feel slightly cold in front of the air conditioner in summers and also in the first signs of winter.



Popular Quilted Bed Coverlets Designs

Bamboo Rayon Quilted Coverlets

These are one of the most popular designs available today. Made of bamboo rayon (the rayon process using bamboo instead of wood byproducts), they are soft and have a luxurious feel. The silken finish of these quilted coverlets along with durability and strength make it a preferred choice over other quilted coverlets. The Rayon Bamboo coverlets are extremely absorbent with excellent wicking properties and also unbelievably soft. You can also wash them in machine . This type of coverlet is an eco-friendly option if you are in ‘Go Green’ drive.

bamboo rayon coverlet

bamboo rayon coverlet

Patchwork Quilts

Patchwork quilts have one base fabric on which the patches of different fabrics are stitched. You can have the same color or contrasting patchwork quilts, or  varied patterned patchwork quilts and many more styles in this. These quilts are really warm and very ornate in the bedroom.



 Floral Quilted Coverlets

Quilted coverlet is enhanced by the floral stitch pattern that adds a refreshing look to home decor.  They provide a great modern look.



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