Easter Eggs Creative Designs

Easter eggs are specially decorated eggs used to celebrate the Easter holiday. It is believed that the egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in Pagan celebrations of spring. This belief was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the rebirth. In celebrating the Easter Holiday, to decorate the easter eggs is a must. Check out in this photo gallery some fun and easy ways to decorate Easter eggs for this Easter.



Easter Eggs with Colorful Tapes

This is a simple decorating technique that makes a very interesting Easter basket.  You will need Hard-boiled eggs and some tapes of various colors and designs and patterns. Cut pieces of varying lengths of the tapes and press onto your eggs. The pattern possibilities are endless!



Easter Eggs with Neon Threads Wrap

Give Easter eggs a crafty, homespun look with a bold stripes of neon thread. Hold the loose end of a spool of neon thread against the egg with your finger, and wrap the spool around the egg tightly. Once you’ve covered the eggs, snip the thread from the spool; tuck the end under, and glue in place.



Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

If you have leftover bubble wrap, you can have fun using it to wrap your Easter eggs.  Take few hard-boiled eggs, bubble wrap, acrylic paint and paintbrushes. Use a paintbrush to coat the bubble wrap with the paint. Then roll your eggs over the paint. That’s it!

bubble wrap easter eggs

bubble wrap easter eggs

Glitter Dot Eggs

Take few hard-boiled eggs, clear adhesive dots, microfine glitters and/or colored sugars, a pen/pencil, and a small, soft-bristled paintbrush; and several sheets of paper. Use your pen or pencil to make marks on the egg where you want your dots to be placed. Place your adhesive dots on the marks. Place a piece of paper under your egg, and sprinkle glitter (or you can use kid-friendly colored sugar) all over it. Brush off the excess with a paintbrush.



Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

This is a lovely and dye-free decorating technique. For this you will require any small colorful flowers and  leaves that can be pressed (note: press them for at least a week before you use them), hard-boiled or blown eggs; and glue sticks.  Apply glue over the portions of the egg where you want to place your flowers. Gently press the flowers onto the egg, and allow them to dry.

pressed flower eggs

pressed flower easter eggs

Easter egg jewels

This is simply fun and looks absolutely gorgeous. Kids will have fun breaking the shells. You will need hard-boiled eggs, food coloring, several small bowls and cold water. Boil the eggs first. After they have cooled, roll them gently on a towel to create cracks in the shells. Prepare several bowls of cold water mixed with food coloring. Now place these cracked eggs inside. Soak them overnight in your refrigerator. The next day, peel them to reveal the patterns made by the dyes.

easter eggs jewels

easter eggs jewels


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