Moroccan Poufs Designs

Poufs are the latest home decor trends. Poufs are popular because they fill up floor space beautifully without being too bulky. Poufs can be use to display an unusual color into a room as they are available in a wide variety of designs and colors from the soft pastels to vibrant brights to the more daring metallic ones. Sarah Swanson, a Canadian interior designer and blogger, likes to use poufs in the living room as footstools. They can be used as extra seatings in any room or purely for decoration. They are even popping up in playrooms and bathrooms



Moroccan Poufs

Morocco is home to some of the most colorful graphic textiles and beautiful hand-crafted items . One of these items is the Moroccan pouf. The pouf is actually a round leather embroidered ottoman, that is a great choice for any interior . It comes in a full range of color options, and in metallic or non-metallic leathers, and can be as simple or ornate as you’d like. Poufs often come filled with polystyrene balls or cotton filling or feathers so at to give a cushioning effect.  They’re really versatile interior decor items. Poufs can be used for seating, as a small table, as a foot stool, or just to enhance the look of a room Just one Moroccan pouf is a lovely touch for your living room or bedroom and if you want you can have multiples of them. “the more the merrier” definitely applies here.

Some Popular Moroccan Pouf Designs

Authentic Morocco’s multi-colored, gold-detailed poufs: This is pouf is worth $75. It is beautifully hand-crafted. It is little too ornate for most homes. With the right décor, this pouf style definitely be pulled off.

Authentic Morocco's multi-colored, gold-detailed pouf

Authentic Morocco’s multi-colored, gold-detailed pouf

Tazi Moroccan Pouf: Tazi Designs has a large selection of poufs ($155-$185) in almost every color with very sophisticated embroidery, in some cases in a contrasting color. Their poufs come unfilled, but can be filled for an additional $30.  The following is a Moroccan Kasbah Black pouf. Genuine leather – Black with white silk embroidery.

Tazi Moroccan Pouf

Tazi Moroccan Pouf

Mosaik Moroccan Poufs:  They are the best poufs ($249-$990) because of their elegant embroidery, great color choices, and their selection of over-sized table-like ottomans. They actually even sell an Oversized Leather Table that is embroidered with the look of poufs.

Gold Moroccan Round Pouf

Gold Moroccan Round Pouf

Moroccan Pouf John Derian:  A well known western designer, John Derian, is offering high-end versions of Moroccan Pouf.  Thre is a whole range of colorful leather poufs, hand-dyed and hand-stitched in Morocco.  They measure approximately 20” wide by 14” high. John Derian Moroccan Poufs are stuffed with a combination of kapok, a natural plant fiber, and Dacron foam. Firm enough to be used as an ottoman, seat,  or coffee table. Zippered bottom is embossed with John Derian logo. Dye lots may vary slightly. (for any colors $295 each);  (Metallic: $ 345 each)

John Derian Moroccan pouf

John Derian Moroccan pouf


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