Vaastu Kalash

Vastu Kalash is a divine symbol. If the house where you stay becomes the cause of your misfortune, ill health, poverty or loss of your Business, then according to vastu shastra, there is a vastu dosha in the house. One easy and effective solution to get rid of this problem is to place the vastu kalash in your flat, house, apartment, shop or office. It is said that placing this kalash, which is usually made of metals like copper, stainless steel, brass etc. gives prosperity, luck and success in a short period to the house dwellers or commercial organizations.  It is said that vastu kalash, also known as mangal kalash, when placed in the north east direction of the building structure is very auspicious. It destroy all Vastu Dosha in a house or plot.

vastu kalash

vastu kalash

Significance of Kalash in Hindu Religion

The religious Kalash or the pot  has become a glorious symbol of our ancient Hindu culture and the ordinary water contained in it is considered holy. Many consider establishing the presence of God Varuna (God of Water) in the kalash, and we worship Him. Thus,  the presence of God Varuna is invoked where the kalash is ceremoniously placed and the worshipper is thereby blessed. The metal Kalash is considered to represent the human body. Just as it contains water, which is a small  part of the large collection in the oceans and rivers, so does the human body contain a soul, a fragment of the Universal Consciousness. The Kalash without water and the body without soul are both useless. The Kalash, filled with water, demonstrates the omnipresence of the Brahmin who occupies an important place in the Hindu society.  At the top of the temples, also, there is a symbolic Kalash which symbolizes full worship. So having reverently seen the idol of God inside the temple, one is effected to view the Kalash with the same reverence.  Hindus, before occupying a new house, place the Vastu Kalash in that house, hoping and praying to live happily with their family in that place. Thus establishing the presence of Gods and Goddesses in the small Kalash, there is the hope to destroy all our sins and to achieve everlasting happiness.

Types of Vastu Kalash

There are five types of vaastu kalash.

  • Jaya: Jaya  kalash should be placed below one hand in the north west. Jaya gives victory over all obstacles.
  • Nanda: This kalash should be similarly placed in the North East. Nanda gives prosperity
  • Bhadra: This should be placed  in the South East. Bhadra creates well behaved children
  • Rikta:  In the South West. Rikta avoids emptiness in every aspects of life
  • Purna : The purna kalash should be placed in the middle of the plot.   Purna gives fruits of all works early in life.

Special Vastu Kalash

There are certain vastu kalash available in the vastu products shops with special features. It contains many gems of ancient origin, 101 herbs, sacred symbols, holy water of the Ganges, iron pyrites that act as counter magnetic field generator.

vastu copper kalash

vastu copper kalash

The Kalash is best for

  • Overall Properity
  • Peace at home
  • To create happiness
  • To stop unwanter losses
  • To stop medical losses
  • To remove vastu defects

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