Sari Curtains

Have you ever heard of saree curtains? Well, saree or sari is the traditional dress of Indian women. Nowadays, the saree fabric is also used in making home furnishing products like as curtains, cushions. If you want to go for an ethnic look of your house with a modern touch and vibrant look, then go for saree curtains. Curtain made from saris are perfect for your home made curtain fabric.  Sari curtains with beautiful and luxurious impression will shine and beautify your room. At Indian homes, saree curtains have added interest to the decoration of a room. They actually give a great impact to get the luxurious look of a room design. Indian saree  curtains are perfect ideas if you are looking for something unique and colorful for your interior.  Beautifully handcrafted, these curtains are both elegant and ethnic. Widely popular these curtains are heavily bordered with excellent artwork, and will add splendor to the decor of any room.

saree fabric curtains

saree fabric curtains

Sari fabrics

Sari fabrics make fantastic flowing curtains for any bare window. Owing to the popularity of saree curtains, and their availability of a wide array of prints and colors, you will find saree fabrics in the home furnishings markets. These type of fabrics are exactly in saree designs and colors and can be used as curtains. Saree fabric is frequently woven in ways that are quite spectacular, with vivid, vibrant jewel like colors, beautiful floral prints and more abstract patterns. The fabrics usually have elegant design on the border. With beautiful design rich in color, and the heavily decorated border/bottom will definitely enhance the decor of any room by giving it a truly royal look. In this sense sari curtain has been gaining popularity lately.  Finding the most exquisite sari fabric curtain will make all the difference to give your room a stunning look and a lasting impression. There are different kinds of fabric that will affect and complement your interior, such as  art silk, poly silk, pure silk, tissue, georgette etc.

Lots of colors and designs and fabric options

Indian sarees are made from various fabrics ranging from silk, cotton to chiffon, organza and many more. Available in various prints, colors and designs, you can find an endless array of colors and patterns in curtains made from sarees.  A silk saree when used as curtains give a great impact to get the luxurious look of a room design. Dress up your living room, bedroom windows with beautiful golden border silk sari curtains.  Combined with appropriate furniture, silk sari curtains will definitely create a feeling of luxury. For a cool casual look, you can use cotton or organza sarees for your curtains. The smooth finish with a soft sheen feels gentle and cool to the touch. You can also go for chiffon or Georgette sarees, which are   translucent drapes which cover a window while allowing the maximum amount of light to stream through, even while the curtains are kept closed.

Old unused sarees

Sari curtains are the perfect choice for those looking for light, elegant drapes with a touch of luxury. If you are not very keen on buying new saree fabrics for curtains but still opt for an ethnic look, use your old unused sarees. Give a creative touch to it by adding beads or mirrors or a zari border along the sides of the saree. Hung them as curtains in the windows. You can use the sarees as beautiful draperies over the curtain rods as well.

Design gallery

Silk Sari Curtains

Silk Sari Curtains

Gorgeous sari curtain

Gorgeous sari curtain

sari curtains

sari curtains

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