Signature Wall Paint Ideas

The signature wall paint is an array of wall textures in various colors and sizes and the latest trend in home decoration. A plain wall can be highlighted more by adding a texture or an art in one section of the wall or the whole wall. You can style your walls, add glitter and glamour to your home by signature wall paint. Signature wall paint is like adding dimension to an otherwise ordinary looking wall. You play with textures, colors and hues in Signature Paint.



Signature Wall Paint Themes

There are lots of designs to choose from for a signature wall. Use your imagination to give your dull wall a look to die for. After all, its nothing but adding texture to your life. Signature wall paint has become more popular in the kids room with lot many kids concepts to choose from. Kids room can become more creative and vibrant with such kind of walls. There are exciting kids glow paint designs as well. Even in the living room and bedrooms, people are experiment with signature walls. Here the themes can range from nature, flowers, creepers, stars,  moon, music, to abstract shapes and patterns and many more. You can transform the look of your room and make them trendy.

Signature Wall Paints:Design Gallery






butterfly theme




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