Antique Wooden Chests

One of the most popular ways of creating a fascination feature in your bedroom, living room or hallway is by placing old wooden chests, trunks and antique boxes. Antique wooden chest can easily transform a redundant area into a focal point, besides providing a storing space. Antique wooden chests and trunks were originally used as merchants’ valuables and cash storage boxes or family storage chests. Antique chests are available in antique outlets in various parts of the world but they are at times expensive as they retain the old charm and beauty. You can also make your own antique chest by giving an antique touch to your old, unused wooden chest.  A naturally faded colored wooden chest can highlight up a dark corner. Dark colored chests with polished brass edging, corners and an antique padlock will display a classic elegance into a room. An antique wooden chest also makes the perfect versatile gift for friends and family. Wooden chests are available in varied size, style, finish and the number of compartments.



Designs of Antique Chests

  • Antique wooden chests are available with beautiful inlaid brass motifs on the front panel.
  • There are old wooden chests with decorative brass front panel and a beautiful hand carved interior, carved handles, bindings, front panel, facings, and edgings.
  • You also find wooden chest from reclaimed hardwood from old chests and trunks.

Styles of Antique Chests

The types and styles of an antique wooden chest vary widely. There are steamer trunks, cedar antique wooden chests, military antique wooden chests, and many more. Some chests were made for specific use, such as cedar chests being used for clothes storage. But most chests are so well built and well designed that they can serve a variety of purposes.

How can you use Antique Chests for Home Decoration?

The beauty of these old, time-worn chests is that they can serve so many purposes; from the home interior decorations to the outside porch, these chests have stood the test of time. Even though we like modern, contemporary furniture a lot, sometimes we would like to see the more fine craftsmanship and detailing of past times on antique furnishings. Antique chests while bringing the traces of old days, also bring elegance of old times to the present-day. If kept in good conditions, antique furniture can look very beautiful and well-kept. Antique chests are a beautiful addition in the living room or family room, can serve as a coffee table while storing items or can be a beautiful sitting arrangement if cushions are placed over it. You can also use a chest in the hallway or entryway with a mirror placed over it or else place some decorative objects on top of it.  A chest designed like a pirate’s chest would make a good chest for toys in a boy’s room.

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