Designing Corner Space in your Home

There are infinite possibilities for designing those empty corners of your home.  A corner space can easily highlight a living space if properly decorated. In most cases, the corner spaces look very plain and dull when not utilized. Infact, if properly decorated, it can be a valuable space for adding additional storage, sitting areas, lighting, or decorative touches to any home. You can design your own corner space on a minimum budget with no professional help required. Giving below some wonderful ideas of how to use the corner space in an effective way:

Designing Corner Space in your Home

Corner space for sitting

You can convert the corner space as a sitting arrangement. Keep floor cushions or small chairs in that area as shown below:




Seating Corner Space

Corner Space as Study Corner

You can easily transform your corner space as a study corner for your kids or you can use the space as to keep your computer. Infact you can get tables that exactly fit into the corners.





Corner Space for Decorations

If you have a corner space in your living room, use it to keep a decorative statue or a corner light or may be a plant. Few paintings in the backdrop will further highlight the space. Check out some designs below:







Corner Space as Shelving Units

One of the best ways of utilizing the corner space is by hanging shelves or keeping any storage units. We give below some beautiful ideas:

Decorative Corner Shelf



The lovely corner shelves given above are very versatile. You can use it in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, maybe even in the bathroom. Can be used to store books or decorations and it will add a warm and elegant touch to your interior décor.

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