Bed Skirts

Bed skirts offer a way to add style and color to your bed and bedroom. Placed between the mattress and the box spring of a bed,  a bed skirt is actually a decorative fabric piece, which gives a stylish look to a bed. Moreover, the bed skits can also beautifully hide the space under the bed that may be used for storage.  Bed skirts have become essential for home decor today. Not only for hiding the box spring, a bed skirt can also  deflect dust and dust particles that would otherwise gather underneath a bed. Available in many decorative shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, today’s bed skirts are more luxurious than ever before.



Types of Bed Skirts

There are basically two types of bed skirts:

  • Pleated Bed Skirts
  • Ruffled Bed Skirts

In pleated bed skirt pleats of one fabric are stitched on the band of other fabric whereas ruffled bed skirt is one continuous fabric. It is also called solid bed skirt. A bedskirt can be tailored with pleats or a flat panel, gathered into ruffles, or combining several layers of coordinating fabrics.

What to Look for in Bed Skirts?

When you want to purchase a bed skirt for your bed, there are several things to consider:

  • Size: It is essential to get the right size of bed skirt so that it will hang properly on your bed.
  • Bedskirt Drop: Think of the drop of the skirt, right from the measurement from the top of the bed to the floor.  A standard measurement for ready-made bed skirts is 15 inch, but they do vary.
  • Color:  A solid color bed skirt looks good, giving an elegant appearance. If you select a light color like pink, white, yellow, or other pastel, make sure that the bed skirt is lined or made of a heavy fabric so that light does not make the things under the bed visible. Pick a bed skirt in a contrasting or complimentary color. It looks great.
  • Pattern: Use interest patterns stripe, plaid, check, or texture or printed. This can either complement or contrast with other fabrics in the room.
  • Texture: If the bed skirt is made with heavy-textured fabric, it will keep its shape and remain usable for a number of years. Fabrics like chenille, faux suede, velvet, and matelasse are ideal.




A solid or plain bed skirt can be further highlighted by adding a trim of lace, an overlay of eyelet or sheer fabric, ribbon trim, or beaded trims.






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