Modern Cane Furniture

Beautiful-looking and flexible cane furniture is finding more and more demand as one of the most favored furniture for both interiors and exteriors. Cane furniture sets, cane chairs, tables, cane stools, ottomans, swings, love seats  are versatile, light, strong and sustainable furniture that are adorning modern homes today. Infact many are replacing traditional wooden furniture with cane furniture for their elegance and beauty.  New and innovative ideas for weaving on cane frames have made cane furniture environment friendly. Various species of cane vines grow in the cane family, all over Asia, Africa and Europe. As it grows abundantly, it is easily available for creating wonderful furniture. Cane furniture is  light weight and portable, suitable for outdoor use and indoor use.  Today synthetic cane furniture made of synthetic resin is also available, which looks so much like natural cane. Today synthetic resin woven furniture has become popular for outdoor furniture due to its economical rates as well compared to original cane furniture. They are the favoured patio and deck furniture.



Cane Furniture for Home Decoration

Aesthetically designed, simple yet comfortable, cane furniture has not only gone designer but are some are quite expensive too. It just needs the right cushioning for the cosy and comfortable effect. Cane can actually make up for luxury furniture when done tastefully.  People are gradually making a conscious effort to bring nature indoors and use natural materials for decorating interiors. By choosing natural material like cane for the home, you can easily create a warm and relaxed setting which compliment your décor and surroundings. From offices to homes to restaurants to shops, it is being used in each and every place. Cane furniture, natural in its appearance, lends a very modern and trendy look to the entire décor. The durability, low weight, easy maintenance and environmental-friendliness of the furniture further add to its charm.

Cane Furniture Advantages

Cane furniture has a lot of advantages such as follows:

  • They do not weigh as heavy as the solid wood furniture.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • They are easy to handle.
  • They are portable.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Safe with children and pets around.
  •  Eco-friendly
  • Can be used inside and outside the house
  • Cane furniture gives an earthy look.

Cane Furniture Designs

Cane furniture gives a very cosy, stylish and elegant look to your drawing room.  The love seats and twin seater will adorn your living room with some colourful looking cushions and bolsters in beautiful bright covers.

Cane furniture set

Cane furniture set

living room cane furniture

From small seaters to dining sets, cane seems to find a place in everything.


cane furniture dining set

The round shaped stool and c-shaped stools look great as ottomans or low seats both inside and outside in your gardens or deck.



Cane furniture looks just beautiful in your garden or patio or by the swimming pool side.



What about the single-seater cane swing? Placed in a balcony, they are most comfortable.


cane swing

cane swing



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