Contemporary Floor Lamps Styles

Nothing can transform the look of a room like the right lighting. Is there a corner in your room that looks empty and dull? Are you looking for just the right accent to complement your modern furniture? Do you want to highlight your living room? Then go for contemporary floor lamps. There is a huge selection of illuminating choices in contemporary floor lamps. Use a modern floor lamp to provide light for reading, to highlight a favorite accent piece, or illuminate an entire room. These floor lamps, when they are lighted, brighten up a room with urban style. Floor lamps are available in a wide range of style, sizes, heights and materials which add sophistication or trend to your space. Along with looking fantastic, contemporary floor lamp lightings are a great option for freeing up table space.




A wide range of materials are used in the making of floor lamps with varied fabric options for the shades. The materials are wood, fiber, plastic, metal, paper, stone, glass, textile etc.

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Light Source

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • LED
  • Xenon


Additional Features

All contemporary floor lamps are available with convenient features like dimmers and other light sources, directionality,  making them ideal for creating a mood, lighting a task , armed floor lamps which feature adjustable arms, floor lamps with tables and arc shape floor lamps- all making a design statement…

Floor Lamps Style

Floor lamps are available in a variety of styles, which include contemporary, transitional, traditional and stained glass. Besides the styles, they are also available in varied finishes (bronze, nickel, etc.) which helps you find the perfect lamp to fit the style of your home. You can easily find a lamp that will accent the decor of your home perfectly.



Buying Guide for Modern Floor Lamps

There are many factors that make a good floor lamp , which are needed to be considered while buying or browsing online for floor lamps:

  • A Sturdy Base: You can judge the sturdiness of a floor lamp by simply looking at the base and comparing it to the shade it is supporting.
  • The Shade: Depending on your purpose for buying a floor lamp, you will want to consider the style of the lamp shade and how it will affect the light it shines. Opaque, clear or shade that point light directly downwards will offer the best task lighting, while deeper colored shades or shades that point upwards are better for accent and ambient light.
  • Light Bulb: Floor lamps are compatible with a variety of light bulbs. Because lamps are often used for reading or writing, it is helpful to get a light bulb that you prefer to use for these kinds of tasks.
  • Style: Floor lamps come in a variety of style to match your home décor. The key style factors to consider when shopping is metal finish, shade, and color and the overall style sense such as whether the lamp is traditional, modern, rustic or tiffany style.
  • Height:  It is a great idea to measure how high your ceiling is before choosing a lamp height. Make sure the lamp isn’t very close to the ceiling that it ends up heating a small discoloration in the ceiling. Beside the height of the lamp, floor lamps generally can fit easily beside chairs, behind couches or by the bedside.

Let the contemporary floor lamps illuminate your home with both light and style. They are wonderful accents that create inviting spaces and complement your home with great modern design. You will definitely find one that suits every style home and every budget.

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