Decorative Fireplace Styles

Fireplaces are wonderful additions to any home.  There are various kinds of fireplaces that can suit any style and budget.  With lots of styles and material options, you can surely find the perfect one for your home. A beautiful, decorative fireplace with a well decorated mantle and fire screen can highlight the look of your room.  Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort during the winter seasons, and they often facilitate family togetherness. Nothing quite beats gathering around a roaring fire with your loved ones on a cold winter’s night. Enjoy the warmth and comfort  a fireplace brings for many years to come.

Types of Fireplaces

  • Traditional Fireplace: Nothing can beat the beauty of the traditional fireplace. They are the traditional immovable wood or stone or brick, cement, or ceramic fireplaces  that are built directly into a wall under a chimney.  These  fireplaces have their own unique charm and are still seen in use in the old homes of America, Europe, and Royal houses and palaces. In modern homes today, we find these wall mounted fireplace in dens, living rooms, even bedrooms
  • Modern Fireplace: The traditional fireplace is considered by many as simply an item of decoration. Their appeal is mostly aesthetic and nostalgic (for looks) rather than practical (for warming a large living area).  Some people like them just to look at and to fill up a blank space in a wall, but rarely use them because of the work involved in acquiring fuel and keeping them clean. But to provide warmth and comfort in a cold wintry day, modern homes are seen with free-standing and centrally located gas fireplaces, gel fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, and electric fireplaces.

Styles of Fireplace Mantel

The key to a beautiful fire place is the mantle. The beauty of the fireplace is enhanced by the look of the fireplace mantles, fireplace shelf and screen. They are available in various styles and materials. From wood, stone, brick to ceramic tiles, their availability in a wide assortment of colors and sizes and shapes, the fireplace mantles highlight the look of the fireplace area and also the room. If you plan to update the decor of your room, then changing the mantle design is a good option. Look for uniquely styled fireplace mantel designs. Paint or stain your new mantel. Fireplace mantel designs range from intricate detailing to sleek, modern designs. The creation of a magnificent fireplace is a substantial project. The first stage is designing the perfect fireplace mantle. This part of the overall look of the fireplace is important as it is the main focal point

Fireplace Photo Gallery






modern wall fireplace

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